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¿Why Depixs?

Created out of the desire to transform the way people meet and interact on dating platforms. Depixs unites and connects people in a more natural and organic way. By pixelating the images and eliminating the SWIPE factor, Depixs makes conversation and interaction happen. THE MORE YOU CHAT, THE MORE YOU SEE! Which permits users to share first their own story rather than a picture or profile.

First impressions are not always true to reality and Depixs knows that. You may not like someone at first or think you may not have anything in common with them, then get to know them and actually like them. In our real world, apart from your physical appearance, your human traits are also present: listening, feeling, talking, laughing… which are human conditions capable of shaping, influencing and making you understand somebody as a whole.

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We believe that this overall quick sale-oriented strategy on today’s dating platforms isn’t favourable for everybody and could jepordize possible successful encounters. In an already random online environment interest could arise more successfully between profiles when different kinds of links between people are established to start off with, as opposed to try to leave the possibility of connection based solely on people’s ability to match through their looks.

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In Depixs, we believe that users don’t need to know what they want exactly, they should feel free and control absolutely everything themselves starting with what they are actually looking for. That’s why we have created “Whatever happens”. Remember, you decide!

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App features

We are naturalising the way people meet online by gamifying the whole meeting process, creating enormous impact in the usual way people who don’t know each other start to meet.

Have fun meeting someone

Creating a game of mutual interest by sharing information with one another and slowly unraveling the mistery behind the picture. The more you share, the more the picture depixelates.


For us, privacy is key. Unless you are interacting with someone, no one will see or recognise you on Depixs. The idea that hundreds or even thousands of random people are looking through your profile, without ever interacting or knowing who they are, is a pretty strange feeling.

Three way usage

Everyone wants or needs something different… To avoid misunderstandings, Depixs gives you the chance to meet people that are looking for the same as you. Log in and select Dating, Friends or
Whatever Happens.

Validated profiles

In order to preserve our natural and healthy engaging ecosystem, we take our time to validate each profile individually, starting with email recognition, mobile phone security and social media


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